Saturday, December 8, 2012

Custom WhatsApp™ 2.8.9108 [08-12-2012]

What's in this version:
  • Critical bug fix for Account Info screen

Default Style: DOWNLOAD
BBM Style + Default Emoticon: DOWNLOAD
Q: i getting error "application not installed"
A: remove the previous instalation, then install my release

Q: my friend can't see the custom smiley
A: this is a custom version, same installation is required to use the custom smiley

Q: can't verifying a number
A: uninstall custom version, then install the official version from playstore. After verifying a number success, uninstall official version then reinstall this custom version..

**sorry for my bad english ~_~

Official Website


Saya tidak bisa memverifikasi SMS maupun telp.

Sudah saya Uninstall versi custom, lalu install versi playstore
bisa, tapi setelah saya install ulang versi ini (custom) whatsapp minta verifikasi ulang.

I can't verifiying a number (SMS verification / call me)

I already uninstall custom version, then I installed the playstore version (official)
Whatsapp can be used, but after I reinstalled the custom one, whatsapp ask to reverifiying

Help me please!
*sorry for my bad English


1. install versi playstore sampe sukses terverifikasi
2. uninstall versi playstore
3. install versi custom, register nomer dgn format +62 xxx-xxxx-xxxx (sama seperti saat register di official version)
4.done! :D

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