Monday, July 15, 2013

C-WhatsApp™ PLUS v3.98D (LOCKED)

      Changelog v3.98 (15/07/2013)
          • MOD 2.1.6 to hide/show own status in Chats Header is back
          • Added MOD 2.2.19 Show Contact Status in Chats Screen
          • Solved panels gradient bug in contacts screen
          • Other minor bugs solved
          • (Next Update will use new Play Store base)
                  HOW TO UNLOCK (ROOT ONLY):
                  1. Download Plus Donation v1.04 data HERE
                  2. Open Titanium Backup (TB). Tap Options > Preferences. Scroll down , select Compression. Select BZIP2 (slowest, best compression).
                  3. Extract contents inside "data" folder to TB backup folder.
                  4. Open TB, tap Options > Refresh apps list
                  5. Restore Plus donation data. Don't open plus donation key. Just hide it from launcher after restoring data.
                  6. Done.
                  Thanks to speedy005 for provide us the data. 

                  for daily web version update, you can check Custom Whatsapp on Facebook or Official Whatsapp Website

                  Original Source:  Whatsapp PLUS by rafalense


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