Friday, July 26, 2013

C-WhatsApp™ PLUS v4.00D (LOCKED)

      Changelog v4.00 (26/07/2013)
            • Base updated to web version: 2.11.7 (connection improvements with Wi-Fi, add image multi-send capability, fix battery drain issue related to wakelocks, bug fix for notification tones on sd cards, miscellaneous bug fixes, translations and improvements)
            • New Bubble: CARD (thanks to djsubtronic)
            • Added Dutch & Portuguese BZ translation. Added Hindi (75% translated). Arabic updated and improved
            • Other minor bugs solved
                      HOW TO UNLOCK (ROOT ONLY):
                      1. Download Plus Donation v1.04 data HERE
                      2. Open Titanium Backup (TB). Tap Options > Preferences. Scroll down , select Compression. Select BZIP2 (slowest, best compression).
                      3. Extract contents inside "data" folder to TB backup folder.
                      4. Open TB, tap Options > Refresh apps list
                      5. Restore Plus donation data. Don't open plus donation key. Just hide it from launcher after restoring data.
                      6. Done.
                      Thanks to speedy005 for provide us the data. 

                      for daily web version update, you can check Custom Whatsapp on Facebook or Official Whatsapp Website

                      Original Source:  Whatsapp PLUS by rafalense


                      Thanx Guys
                      works perfectly , just don't know why to change Compression ?
                      I did it without changing it and it works just fine

                      dude when are they going to crack it and unlock it ?

                      Don't work for me, please upload the unlocked version!

                      how to Extract contents inside "data" folder to TB backup folder.?

                      Another suggestion bro since rafalanse has stopped work on whatsapp plus after dmca notice, why don't u take over that project. What I mean is u can bring out Whatsapp Plus 5.00 (locked or unlocked) with latest 2.11
                      .14 as a base plus your fantastic smileys. Plz do that u have great android programming skills. Thanks
                      ATIF ZAIDI


                      Can I please get some clarification about how to properly install this.

                      I have an S3 running 4.0.4 and tried the recommended restore via TB using the TB backup file provided by speedy005 but the phone hangs and nothing happens. What am I missing? Should I be restoring 'app' or 'app + data'?


                      This not worked for me! I bave the key apk buyed ffom playstore. But keep askin mr to sctkvte wen a go on hide status.
                      Someone please help. I trusted in the developer a d spend my money!��������

                      i'm not the developer of whatsapp+, am just mod it with custom smiley. if u have buy the plus key and get an error, u can ask the dev on "write a review" form at play store :)

                      I have v3.98,hiw can i use it with custom smiley?

                      c-whatsapp+ is the whatsapp+ with custom smiley

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