Sunday, January 19, 2014

C-WhatsApp™ PLUS v4.86D (UNLOCKED)

      Changelog v4.86 (11/01/2014)
      • Working on Android 4.4.x with ART
      • Minor bugs fixed

        This is unlocked version, no root or key needed to using hide online status :)

        Please backup your conversatios & whatsapp Media before upgrade, if something went wrong, you can restore it after the installation

        **Cracked by OsamaGhareeb @OsGhareeb

        for daily web version update, you can check Custom Whatsapp on Facebook or Official Whatsapp Website


        can some one make a video the past version 4.70d was so easy to instal just bak up data and restore after you install the c- whatt app now it dosent work for me with all these other programs to install like freedom dont don nothing for me or im just to dumb please make a video i love this app but i cant seem to install it crahes after 5 min and then the verify your account locks up

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