Friday, January 31, 2014

C-WhatsApp™ PLUS v4.95D (LOCKED)

      Changelog v4.95 (31/01/2014)
        • WhatsApp+ Widget is back, lag issue should be gone (hide/show online status, change your profile pic, change name and open plus settings)
        • Minor bugs fixed

        1. Download & Install Plus Donation v1.05 data HERE
        2. Download Freedom HERE
        3. Now Open Freedom
        4. Now In Freedom click on Plus Donation, Enjoy WhatsApp plus Unlocked
        *TESTED & 100% WORKING

        for daily web version update, you can check Custom Whatsapp on Facebook or Official Whatsapp Website


        Donation apk installed and have not seen the difference and no change in whtasapp. Donation for installing the apk??

        for hiding ur online status

        Gan kok ane udah ngikutin step2 nya to tetep ga bisa ke unlock ya? Keterangannya "plus donation app not detected". Agan nyoba di hape apa?

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