Saturday, March 15, 2014

C-WhatsApp™ PLUS v5.20D (UNLOCKED)

      Changelog v5.20 (15/03/2014)
              • Base updated to last play store version: 2.11.186
              • new privacy settings for last seen, profile photo and status
              • add Camera shortcut for quicker picture sending
              • add ability to pay for a friend's WhatsApp service
              • add large video thumbnails in chat
              • add option to show unread messages on home screen widget (Android 3.0+)
              • add option to share/save profile photo/group icon
              • increase message history user can send
              • fix sending flag emoji on Sony phones
              • fix voice note recording volume on Samsung Note 3 and Sony phones
              • enabled Hindi (Android 4.1+))

            if crashing after install, try to unistall the previuos version, then reinstall. error when verify solved with titanium backup, restore only data from ur previous backup.

            for daily web version update, you can check Custom Whatsapp on Facebook or Official Whatsapp Website


            is this the same with whatsapp+?

            how to install

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